Research Associate

Harvard University, Biomedical Informatics Department

Sep 2018 – Feb 2019 Boston, USA
Scalability and cost-effectiveness analysis of whole genome wide association studies on Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services.

Visiting Research Scholar in Data Science

Harvard University, Biomedical Informatics Department

Apr 2018 – Aug 2018 Boston, USA
Learnt about genomics data analysis using the cloud. (Supervisor : Paul Avillach).

Statistics Internship

AgroParisTech - INRA

Apr 2017 – Aug 2017 Paris, France
Mixed linear model and estimation of the mixability of wheat varieties in incomplete device (Supervisors : Stephane Robin and Christophe Ambroise)

Conferences & Courses

Computing in clinical cardiology and cardiovascular physiology.

Can AI accelerate precision medicine ?



UKBioBank and rare disease

Machine learning for rare disease pattern recognition and analysis

AI4D-African Language Dataset Challenge

NLP for African Challenge

Data Science Africa

Image Processing for parasites detection in Uganda.

PhysioNet/Computing in Cardiology Challenge 2019

Early detection of sepsis using physiological data

Challenge Data Societé Generale

Predict the Crude Oil production trend - Rank 12th position

Markov chains for detection of genetic motifs

Simulate and analyze genetic sequences using hidden Markov chains, implement the Expectation Maximization algorithm. (Supervisor Catherine Matias).

American Election Analysis (2016)

Analyze the vote in favor of the Republican or Democratic party during the American elections in Python (Supervisor Tabea Rebafka).






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